Moderndave (and the artwork thereof)

– Written By Mark Davis

Moderndave, is a local pop artist that seeks to blend retro, avant-garde, and art deco. He uses a variety of mediums, but what sets him apart mostly is his intuitive computer art. By contouring vibrant digital pixel fragments, Moderndave merges an age-gone-by era with an age that is coming -and is both pure and raw. He himself calls this vision ARTCRAP.

He’s had enough influence in his own social circle of friends that they mockingly refer to his work as Modav.

“Do it, experience it, and it’s done” he says, “then share it. It’s definitely not refined, that’s for sure.”

The interesting thing about his art is that it’s both abstract and personal, and he seems to draw from any number of sources.
For example, it doesn’t matter if he’s drawing Lennonesk stick figures, or working on a commercial project… both will be distinctly modav in that it will inspire euphoric recall in the observer, and at the same time seem consumated and original.
I asked Moderndave if he has any goals for his art.

“Not really, but I know there’s money to be made, and I’d like to get my hands on some of that money.”

The artist has a musical intuition that provides an important component as well. His keyboard playing provides soundscapes that could put one into a coma…, or a long dream. Conversely, you can almost “hear” his art, IF you listen.
Still, he remains slightly bipolar when it comes to explaining exactly what he hopes to achieve with his mini-masterpieces.
“My goal is to make Moderndave a household name by 2049, and hopefully that will be long after my death.”
Lets hope for much more, and then some from this prodigal prodigy.


Modern Dave, Artist

– Written by Karen Bonoff

David English, known by many as Modern Dave, is not just a guy who plugs and unplugs things at Rosemont Ridge Middle School.  He is an artist.  Dave has an eye for interesting things.  That’s why he enjoys taking photographs, that’s why he drives cool, vintage cars, that’s why he can rummage through his laundry basket of National Geos and come up with ideas that translate into art.

Dave started his experiential journey by hand cutting cards and collages to give to people.  This led to an electronic drawing tablet that he connected to his computer.  During his short breaks at his job he would create spontaneous art work in fifteen minutes.   Self taught, he claims  “I do what I do” and it becomes art.

He enjoys the process of magic that comes from of experimenting with technique.

Sometimes you will see a RRMS T-shirt with colorful graphics on it.  A Modern Dave creation! Another wonderful creation is the large framed picture above the booth in the library.  The idea for this scene came from an art magazine his sister showed him.  95% of this art piece was done in fifteen minutes. He titled this amazing masterpiece:  “People of Ig”, after a friend’s idea for a band name!

Dave believes it is best to get the art out there, not go over and over it until the fun of the experience turns to work.  He has a favorite quote that steers him:  Art is anything you can get away with—Andy Warhol.

Next time you see David English in the halls, tell him what you think of his art work.  We are proud to have it on display here at Rosemont Ridge Middle School

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